SmartLine Space Derby® Finish Line Timer Overview

The Space Derby® vehicles travel very quickly along the wire and are just as difficult to judge as the Pinewood Derby®. Our timer takes the pressure off the judges and provides the same race management capability. The SmartLine Timer features page explains in detail all the options available on our timer. The sensors have been redesigned to easily fit on the wire of any track including the BestTrack track.

The price list details the parts included with each system.

Space Derby® Sensors

The Space Derby® sensors are switches embedded in a wooden housing that mounts onto the wire. The sensors come pre-assembled and wired together in sets of 4 sensors with plugs to connect it to the SmartLine computer unit or the BestTrack Champ timer with an adapter. The Space Derby® Sensors, displays and the computer unit make a complete system.

Check our price list for details about system requirements.

We have compiled some helpful Space Derby® Details for your information.


You no longer need an add-on finish line section that attaches to a track frame that you must build. You mount the sensors directly onto the line with supplied electrical tape.

The sensor wiring and the support design are made to fit onto the Space Derby® track described in the Cub Scout® leader HOW-TO book and the BestTrack aluminum track. If your Space Derby® track is based on a different design please check with us to make sure it is compatible. The spacing between the lanes must be 10 inches apart for our standard wiring.

Retrofitting Displays

Special Carriers are no longer needed.

The sensor is triggered by the standard carrier pushing on the switch mounted on the line. We include a spacer tube so that the propellor will not hit the sensor.

Start Gate Switch

If you want the race times (as opposed to just placement) to be reported to your race management software or shown on the time displays, you will need to install a starting gate switch.

The starting gate switch comes standard with the computer unit of either finish line but if you need a second one you can purchase the entire harness connectors and the cable or just the harness separately.

If you choose not to use the starting gate switch, the times will still be reported relative to the first vehicle over the finish line. The first vehicle will show 0.000 and the next car will show the something such as 0.023. The first car starts the timer running.

We send a clamp with the switch so you don't have to drill holes in your BestTrack track. Please refer to the Space Derby Manual version 5.1 for mounting the start switch on a BestTrack track.

The start switch can be mounted with wood screws on the wooden track. Please refer to the Space Derby Manual version 4.0 for mounting the start switch on a wooden track.

The wooden frame plans are shown on Space Derby® Track page.

Space Derby® details and information that may help you prepare for your race are shown on Space Derby® Details and Useful Information page.

If you are interested or have specific questions about the Space Derby®, we would appreciate your feedback.