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We have been the manufacturer of the SmartLine Finish Line Timer products for over 15 years.
We designed and manufacture the electronics for the popular Champ timer from BestTrack.
We own Probe Products Corporation, which will be celebrating it's 31st Anniversary of providing quality signal conditioning equipment to major manufacturing companies in the US and Canada.

Over the years we had been involved in many capacities from Cub Scout leaders to committee members in our troop.
When we joined our pack the track we used was a very old and small wooden track that everyone knew had a "special" lane. They did have a timer that was made out of tinker toys. They also had software using the double elimination method.
When our younger son was in the third grade, Dick volunteered to run the event. The leadership decided to do a Space event instead of the Pinewood. We were up for the challenge and built a Space track. Dick designed a new timer to work on that track. He also wrote a new program to take input from the timer. It was a ton of work but the event was a success. The following fall the leadership decided to look into a new track for the Pinewood Derby. A few of us built a new track with an aluminum top over that winter. We modified the Space timer's design to fit onto the new track. We were so successful at running these events that the pack asked us to come back for many years and we gladly did. The boys in our troop were a key element in working the event and the integration of pack and troop worked as a wonderful bonding event for both.

We have many years of engineering and computer expertise in a highly technical industry.

We offer the SmartLine Timer to other organizations so they can run more fair and fun derby races as we have enjoyed with our pack over the years.
We had been involved in the Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby® for over 15 years and we have developed this finish line timer and used our software with great success and we foresee equal success for you.

We have been asked, "Why should we buy your timer?".
The SmartLine timer is a quality product that is going to last a long time and produce accurate results. The resolution of the timer is better than 0.0001 seconds.
We use state of the art electronics and mold the sensitive parts into plastic.
The timer will not reset during the race if someone closes the start gate as some other timers do.
It's extensive set of functions including lane masking are enabled and published for anyone to use at no extra charge.
GrandPrix Race Management and DerbyMaster use much of our additional functionality in their software.
We also supply our own program with every timer for setting up the timer's parameters such as automatic reset time or number of decimals to send to the computer. You may use the timer without a computer also.
We created a way of capturing pictures and displaying the photo finish to add excitement to your event.

It is very easy to install. We make it to fit your track.

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We are offering our SmartLine Timer, Photo Finish and all our accessories at the lowest price possible.
We know how hard it is to raise the funds for this but we know you will be happy with this product.
We will also assist in solving your specific problems and direct you to various solutions.

Nancy and Richard Fritz