Mounting for a flexible track

The pictures below show a solution one customer made to mount the timer to a SuperTrack. This solution will work on any track without a frame, such as SuperTrack or Derby Magic Track, that holds the timer securely in place. The custom track mount was used with the customer supplied balancing rails and velcro. You can add these rails as shown below with the velcro mounted on top of the rail and another set mounted under the track to hold the timer firmly in place. This is necessary for the flexible tracks because they do not have a sturdy piece of wood to secure the timer. We supply the custom style mount with holes intended for woodscrews drilled .375" from the side of the track and a set of wood screws.

Custom Mount with example of SuperTrack Track fixturing

The parts the customer must supply are shown below. They can be found at any hardware store such as Home Depot.

Extra rails add sturdiness for flexible tracks.

Our time/place displays show the finish time and placement value at the same time with bright red displays that are easily seen from across a large room.
The BestTrack mount shown below is similar to the custom mount except for 2 differences. It includes the foam that holds the sensors into the holes in the track. The mounting holes are not countersunk and are positioned where the BestTrack bolt channels are for easy installation.

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